30 Fact about me that you should know

I like i said i still working and develop my blogger, here i answer one of the 30 question the people always make me, as soon as i’ll drop out the video , sorry if i wrote something wrong or something you didn’t understand .


1-Your full name ,Age,And Where did you born ?

A: Pedro is enough because i’m a Little private,  i don’t Like to Say my age because age is just a number , i see people Like to judge because of age But i’m not old & too young , I born in Angola & we have 18 provinces Luanda is the capital.

2- how many brothers & sisters do you have ?

A: one bother , two with me lol , and two sisters we’re couples , thanks my Dad & Mon.

3- Do you have a girlfriend?

A: hard question , Next.

4- Do you feeling accomplished?

A: yes i do ,but I want more more. Because i’m human being.

5- What goals do you have?

A: I want to learn playing guitar, to become YouTuber, drop many hit on BMB5records to be a actor, etc…

6- what is your favourite style? Classic or casual?

A:  A both I like to dress with the same way

7-What’s your dreams?

A: I think everybody want to have great car, house. Etc.

I want to keep doing well what I like & be happy.

8-What’s sport do you like?

A: football ,basketball , formula 1, tenis,voleibol, Moto GP.

9- What’s martial arts Do you like ?

A: Judo, Jiu jitsu,capoeira, boxing, Muay thai MMA.

10- What’s your favorite book?

A: “Never Give up of your Dream” By : Augusto cury.

11- Who is your Big inspiration?

A: i got a lot of inspiration , rappers my homies, Writers, actor, athletes , But my parents is my favourite.

12- What’s is your favor movie

A: i got a lot But i’ll just Say one : Stomp the Yard 2008.

13- what is your favourite country ?

A: before was U.S.A, but now is Uk ( England)

13- which languages do you like & speak ?

A: I like French but I don’t speak, I learned italian  but I forgot , I know a little Spanish, portuguese , and some Words on my mother tongue.

14- which countries have you have ?

A: France, Portugual, Romania, Italy.

15-what’s your favourite car?

A:  Porsche.lol .

16- What do you  do right Now?

A:  marcial arts, working on my blogger, make music .

17- What’s country do you Live Now ? And  Where do you Will go After it all?

A: Hard question , NexT.

18- How do You feel Now ?

A: i’m feeling Happy & blessed .

19- Are your talented

A: i don’t care to be talented i just work hard on things that i like.

20- Do you believe in God ? Are you Christian?

A:  yes i do , i believe in God , i read the bible, & i try to do what God Like , i pray in good & bad way, i’m not Cristian.

21- Do you have a lot of friends?

A: No , i don’t i just have a few But i trust on them. I’m social .

22- What’s your favourite girl?

A: i prefer not to Say lol.

23- what’ s your favourite Quotes?

A: i got a lot But i’ll just Say a few

1-We learn from mistake.

2-Work Like a slave and celebrate Like celebrity .

3-All bullshit make me strong.

24- How many tatoos do you have ?

A: i don’t know yet  But i got my arm almost full , i wanna to do more, more.

25- Do you wanna be a famous ?

A: No, i just wanna to be rich.

26- What do you hate?

A: fake people, lies,drama.

27-What’s your favourite picture ?

A: i don’t have favourite picture But my favourite i’ll do tomorrow . Lol

28- What’s was your worst moment in your life ?

A: i prefer not to Say because i don’t Like to show negative vibes, i don’t thing in negative things too.

29- Did you regret something in your life ?

A: No i don’t , if i did something wrong i just learn .

30-What’s your best moment in your life ?

A: hard question But i Will answer on my NexT interview …



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